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small business web design

all of our services are pre-priced packages so there are no hidden costs and fees, however sites requiring extensive graphic or coding work may incur a $25 to $50 charge that will be added into the final quote..(click here for payment faqs) all sites are "hand made" not template based giving each site its own unique look and feel...since it is your site we want you involved whenever possible, we are more than happy to use any graphics you provide and we actually prefer for you to write all the text involved...(see questions page for more info)...click on the package name for more detailed information and a live example......

1-3 graphic pages plus basic features package
4-6 graphic pages plus basic features package
5-10 graphic pages--basic features package plus unskinned forum and photo gallery

10+ graphic pages--basic features plus skinned forum and photo gallery, pay pal shopping cart integration,
free installation of 3rd party scripts,free ads on herban media sites and much more...

basic features include-1 year free hosting,free set-up, contact form, stats page, 1 free update a month, and free search engine submission and optimization
***note:most graphic design is included in the package, however large or special projects may have to be charged a small fee for this service. if there is to be a charge, it will be included in the final quote***
all packages include one free textual or picture update per month, complex graphical changes or additional updates range in price from $5-$25
this is just a basic overview of our services for more detailed information contact us
207designs@herbanmedia.com or click here to fill out our contact form

resume/portfolio design

having your own resume/portfolio website can give you the added edge in a crowded job market, your prospective employer can browse thru your whole resume and portfolio over coffee, at home, or anywhere there is an internet connection. plus they won't have to be a member of a service or get deluged by ads, all the while you are looking more motivated and professional than all the other applicants...prices range from $25.00 to $50.00 depending on size and graphic work done, with most being in the $25.00 range. and include our basic features package

>>click here for more info and an example

custom web site design

by custom we mean building a community or business from the ground up such as if you want to start up an online business or service and all you have is the an idea or knowledge on a subject, ie if your hobby is repairing rc cars, we can build you a how-to or enthusiast site complete with google advertising and you can begin to earn advertising money!!!
some examples of custom sites are:
myclassmates.org-a free alumni,military,classmate search service
presskits.tk-local band resources-booking-promotion-venues

>>click here to contact us about a custom web site

personal web design

websites aren't just businesses, a website is a great way to share pictures and events with family and friends across the world using installed photo galleries you update the pictures with what you want when you want and forums give all your family and friends a secure and easy way to communicate with each other without worrying about virus and spyware that stems from the use of address books and contacts list..prices range from $25.00 to $50.00 depending on size and graphic work done, with most being in the $25.00 range. and include our basic features package...if a family wants to use this to keep in contact with someone stationed overseas we will waive all costs and donate our service to you in thanks for the sacrifice your loved one is making for everyone else... since these sites are very personal and private in nature we cannot and will not give out a live example, however if you contact us we will create a basic one for you to try out and decide...

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