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site add-ons

for a variety of different reasons, a person may not want to move their site from the current hosting company, but the hosting company doesn't allow certain scripts and programs such as forums,blogs,photo galleries,chat rooms,shopping cart/e-commerce systems, etc., we can set-up and skin any of these services to seamlessly blend into your pre-existing layout and styles. since these sites are very personal and private in nature we cannot and will not give out a live example, however if you contact us we will create a basic one for you to try out and decide..

service/set-up fee
forum $10.00 skinned phpbb2, or ipb forum, full admin access, up to 15mb storage
photo gallery $10.00 skinned coppermine photo gallery with 15mb for pic storage
blog $10.00 skinned blog site
chat $10.00 skinned chat system
misc script set-up saw a site or service you want to add to your site? contact us for a quote

all services include 1 year free hosting and free tech support from us
all services are uncensored except in special cases when extreme illegal activity is present

this is just a basic overview of our services for more detailed information contact us

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