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>>how much or how little am i involved?
you are involved as much as you want to be, in fact we would you prefer you to write all the text involved with the site and are more than happy to use your graphics, in fact the more you do the less we charge..

>>my site can get banned from searches?
yes, if you use tricks and tactics to try and fool them, alot of web designers use these tricks to try and manipulate the rankings, but will eventually lead to getting banned and then having to beg to get included again

>>does my company need a website?
yes, if you do business you need professional online presence if you want to be taken seriously, and while those do it yourself website kits are simple enough for anyone to use, they make sites that anyone can make and in todays time of online fraud the more professional it looks the more at ease your potential customers will be.even if all you want is one page with just your contact information, a poorly done website is nothing but a waste, if it doesn't make people want to visit your business it serves no purpose.where a professional website will boost confidence in your customer and result in them buying from your site or visiting your shop.

>>why should i have a resume website?
having your own resume/portfolio website can give you the added edge in a crowded job market, your prospective employer can browse thru your whole resume and portfolio over coffee, at home, or anywhere there is an internet connection. plus they won't have to be a member of a service or get deluged by ads, all the while you are looking more motivated and professional than all the other applicants

>>do you place ads or pop-ups on sites you host?

not at all, we wont put our name anywhere on your site if you dont won't

>>where are you located?
a very very small office in charleston illinois

>>how do i make payments?
once we have agreed on terms you will be sent either our paypal info, or mailing address depending on how you wish to pay,for new web designs a 25% deposit is required with the rest due upon project completion, other services must be paid in full before work starts, however we can work with you just contact us

>>i want to take advantage of your free offer for military families
simply contact us at 207designs@herbanmedia.com or click here for our contact form and we will set you up










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