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online marketing

search engines
we are not an seo company or try to be for more info on that click this link http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html , what we can do is create the page to be friendly to the search engines right from the beginning or recreate your existing pages to become more friendly. we wont make any gurantees about how much your rankings will rise, but we will gurantee we wont use any shady techniques that will result in your domain being kicked out of the indexes.what we do is nothing compared to what professional seo's can do, we can offer a low risk, low cost alternative that will help over the long run.....

email campaigns
depending on your industry, we will set up and run a perfectly legal targeting email campaign in full accordance of the can-spam act, we will not however run any of these campaigns for any afflilate,adult,viagra or any other ad we feel isnt worthy, no offense to your businesses but your site selling cheap viagra is going to get lost in the 30 other emails people get on that subject, and is a waste of our time and your money....

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