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web design

we specialize in small business web solutions, from custom designing a site from scratch to modifying and optimizing your current site, from a one page text only site to a full sized graphics intensive site, we can and will do it all...207 designs gives small businesses the same professional online presence as the big companies at a fraction of the cost....we also do personal portfolio/resume sites at very reasonable rates
sending a link to your personal resume site in a contact email is a great way to get noticed in a crowded job market....

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207 Sites

myclassmates.org-a free alumni,military,classmate search service
presskits.tk-local band resources-booking-promotion-venues
alienz lie.com-alternative rock music from charleston illinois
friends and company.tk-charleston illinois only live music venue
eiu rocks.tk-music forum and online community site
the scene online.tk-a free online classified ads for central illinois
the green lantern -effingham illinois restaurant and bar
dave hanley -personal portfolio site of david hanley

herban media -diy goes corporate
herban venues -music venue list to help diy bands find shows
herban guides -e-guide to help stop getting scammed online

website management

most web design companies won't touch a pre-designed site, but we understand that many people want to do the designing and creating of their site, and are often very good at it, but then when it gets time to get it live online or when the site needs updated or trying to decipher the access logs just get plain lost and over their heads. we will take your site as is, optimize and enhance it where needed and wanted, and then update the content as you send it to us, we will do all the hard work and even provide you with an easy to read and understand stats page accessible in real time via the web...

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site add-ons

for a variety of different reasons, a person may not want to move their site from the current hosting company, but the hosting company doesn't allow certain scripts and programs such as forums,blogs,photo galleries,chat rooms,shopping cart/e-commerce systems, etc., we can set-up and skin any of these services to seamlessly blend into your pre-existing layout and styles

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online marketing

getting noticed on the web is an important and tough job,from optimizing your site for best results in search engines to customized online ad campaigns, we will help give you a leg up on your competition the legit and right way. we don't use any spam techniques to fool search engines that end up hurting you more than helping, or simply submit your site to one of those "submit your site to a million search engines at once"
scams that do more harm than good. THERE ARE NOT A MILLION RELEVENT SEARCH ENGINES, there are like 5 or 6 with yahoo and google being the most popular.we also wont guarantee top listing in the search engines, and anyone that does is probably scamming you. its impossible to do this, since the way search engines search and rank the results are highly guarded company secrets, no one knows for sure how you get it,so you cant guarantee something you cannot predict,but there are many factors that are "unconfirmed" facts in the industry that when followed
will work to raise your positions alot higher than if you didn't, and wont result in your site being banned from the index, for using wrong tactics....

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